Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday ~ December 30, 2013


 As I look outside my window:::
 Cloudy and cold today in Michigan.  Below zero temps expected overnight and for tomorrow.

 Right now I am::: 
 Listening to my new washer and dryer.  They are quiet but close by.  Also hoping I have done this's my first time to link to Sandra's Happy Homemaker Monday.

Thinking and pondering:::
 About a special and fun project I'm working on.  Nope, it's not more baby clothes.  Something very different for me.....more news to follow :)

On my bedside table:::
 "The House I Loved" by Tatiana de Rosnay.

Listening to:::
My husband being a sweetie and rinsing up a few dishes.  What would I do without him?

On the menu for this week:::
Now this is where I need to snap to it, as I've been too lax on fixing regular meals.  Although I did cook tonight :)

On my to do list:::
Finish up the laundry....
Tidy up my messy sewing room....(from intense sessions with the new project)....
Buff up the bathrooms....

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
 Other than my secret project, I have some buttonholes to finish...
Started a new baby sweater.....
Finish up socks for my girl...

My simple pleasure:::
Enjoying a television show with the hubby.

Lesson learned the past week:::
Don't put off trying something new.....just do it!

Looking around the house:::
Enjoying all the Christmas decorations.  Planning to take them down next weekend (just shy of Epiphany, but I want to take advantage of the day at home).
Prayer List:::
Several friends going through difficulties at this time....
So many people I know who have lost a loved one in the past two months......

Bible verse, Devotional:::
 "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."
~Ephesians 4:32

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sweet Feet

Happy Sunday evening to all.  This weekend has been a mish mash of activity here at the acre.  Between errands, laundry and other chores, the hubby has been painting.....and I've been having the time of my life crafting cute little things.  Every project will make for some sweet feet.

There's these little beaded socks.......0-3 months size.

 While the hubby was stocking up on his supplies, I got dropped a few doors down at a local Joann Fabrics, which took over an old Circuit City building and turned it into a beautiful store. Inspiration abounds I came home and put these little shoes together.  I love them and will definitely make more.  These were made with wool felt and rosebud calico (from the stash).  
The picture is deceiving, they are teeny tiny.

One of my friends at work, who is a new knitter, asked me about this pattern for slippers.  I brought it home and started a pair, to give it a test.  They are a good knit, using the brioche stitch for the sides.  I'll post a pic of them finished too.
I finished cleaning out my sewing room.....including sorting all my patterns.  Some went to charity, along with many odds and ends.  I also cleaned out our storage area/pantry in the basement, and that was bonus because it wasn't on my "list."

 Whenever I sit down to listen to TV, these little sweeties get my attention.  I'm using paper pieces that I ordered online, along with a template 3/8" bigger than the pieces used to cut the fabric.  The whole process is enjoyable.  I will be turning these "sixes" into a baby quilt.
Hope you had a beautiful weekend and God Bless your week ahead.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Seeing the Light

 New GE emergency lantern. Love it!

This summer has been busy for me.....just like all of you, I bet.  I've been working, doing a very teensy weensy bit of gardening, sewing, crocheting and knitting, but really feel like I've just been spinning my wheels.  Nothing (that I really wanted to get done) big has been accomplished. 

I'm hoping the change of seasons will inspire me to get a few things done that I've been wanting to, so that eventually I can see the light at the end of this long tunnel I've been in. Here's the short list of the most important (to me).

1.  Get company out to trim big trees, and maybe move a little one.
2.  New carpeting in the family room.
3.  Wallpaper removed in kitchen and dining, put up wainscot and PAINT.
4.  New washer and dryer.
5.  Get sewing room organized and GET A LOT OF STUFF OUT OF THERE.*

*I want to store my knitting needles better.....I'm never sure if I have what I'm looking for and then I don't want to take the time to go through them all.  I wind up picking up another set with a coupon. Any good ideas on needle storage?

In other sewing room news...........there's a new kid on the block.  One thing I did accomplish this summer.....get that new sewing machine I have been talking about.  She's a Janome Memory Craft 8200 and she's lovely.  I ordered a new sewing table for her and plan to sell my beloved cabinet...all in the interest of cleaning house.  I got the cabinet (used) when Timothy was in pre-school.  It has a motorized lift and did I feel rich when I brought it home!  It's been good to me and still is in excellent shape.  I hope it goes to someone that will love it like I have.

I'm still working on the baby stuff.  You wouldn't believe all the people having babies and grandbabies around here.  I vow to finish up all these little projects.....and take pictures when they are done.  So much of what I made this summer has been shipped out without pictures.

Hope to be back sooner than later :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Laughing Out Loud

Apparently, my last blog post's title had a double meaning for some.  I received a few comments of an, ahem, erotic nature (spam, I hope).  At first I was a little dumbfounded with a large, "Huh?"

Next, I burst out laughing.  Laughing so hard, in fact, that there may have been one or two snorks thrown in for good measure.  In future I'll choose my words more carefully.  Still LOL!!

Between laughing, I've been able to get a few things finished.
 A little brown vest for a sweet girl..........that I don't know yet :)

 I've been working on this embroidery a long time....not sure if it will wind up in a pillow or the center of a quilt.  I'm thinking more quilt than pillow.

As if I don't have enough crafting interests, I found I really enjoy ORIGAMI!!
I found a free pattern here for the little dress and flower, and have had way too much fun with this.
I even put one little dress to good use...........

....and made a card for the hubby's secretary for "Administrative Professional's Day."  Along with a box of candy, she guessed right away that the mister had some help from the missus ;)
 Wouldn't a little garland made out of the dresses be sweet in the sewing room?
Lots of the blogs I read make mention of favorite TV shows and movies.  I wonder if any of you have watched "Mr. Selfridge" with Jeremy Piven on PBS?  I really like it and I've heard there is talk of a second season. Also, is anyone out there into "Person of Interest" or "Grimm?" 
 I just love Jim Caviezel, and frankly can't believe how much I'm enjoying Grimm.

Lastly, wanted to share the second book about Miss Buncle. It's just as delightful as the first one.  If you like a light-hearted read, try one of the Miss Buncle books by D.E. Stevenson.

Well, that's it for today.  It is a bright, beautiful day and I'm heading out to enjoy it.
Hope you enjoy yours as well :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Busy Hands and A Patient Man

Yesterday we were out and about running errands, one of which included a yarn shop stop (say it three times fast!).  Bridget, the owner, who is a lovely gal, was helping me choose some buttons.  Before you know it we got to gabbing (I've been known to gab), and I was in there longer than I planned.  I was telling her about my crochet motif wrap, and decided to duck out to the car and fetch it. I think the hubby got his hopes up that I was all set, but had to wait another several minutes. He's one patient guy :)

My hands have not been idle.......I've been finishing up some things around here....and it is delightful! I enjoy the whole process but the best part may be the "putting away" when I finally get all done.  I love the feeling of accomplishment, not to mention the (very) small dent it makes in the stash.

 Here's the little plaid jacket I made for a friend at work (1st grandchild). No time for pants/blankie but she loved it all the same.

 I started this little bonnet many years just needed the ties added.  Much cuter in person.
 It has a little band under the ruffle to keep baby's head warm :)
 Little capris and "swing top" to match the sweater below.
I have one more of these sweaters planned (in pink), and then I'm moving on to a new pattern.  This is such an easy project to crochet......I've been "hooked" hahaha.
And I finished my little accent pillow.....all made with scrap yarn.  I just love it.....and I'm glad I added the open ruffle.

We still have lots of white stuff on the ground around here and it was purty cold last week! I haven't heard what's in store for this week yet.....I hope lots of SUNshine!

Have a safe, happy and healthy day :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Life of Riley

I've been living the "life of Riley!" I decided to take a couple of days off just for myself and boy oh boy, it has been great! A little time was spent on work and taking care of some business, but the bulk of the time I have enjoyed playing homemaker like in the "good old days."  Even laundry and cleaning are more fun during the day!  In between..............................

I finished this book, and it was a wonderful read.  Written by D.E. Stevenson (from Scotland, Anna!) and originally published in 1936, it was the author's second book.  She wrote sequels, which I fully intend to find.  If you're in the mood for a light-hearted, well written story, this is the book for you. 

My hair got a much needed trim today, and I sewed the little inside pillow for my flower accent pillow.  I'm trying to decide if I want a ruffle or not.  I'll let you know next time..........

Like many of you, we are having a real cold snap here.  So much so that Pumpkin gets her coat put on every time she goes out.  I think she likes it.........:)

I'm off now for a date with hubby.  "Playing homemaker" should probably include cooking dinner but, hey, let's not go crazy.  I'm sure he'll enjoy a steak out all the same.  I've really just been too busy to cook!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Windy City

Hello again.  Thanks for the sweet comments after my last post....I'm doing much better and enjoying the beautiful sunshine today.............along with some wind.  If the temps were (a lot) lower it would be almost balmy here :)

Our holidays were nice but like so many others I'm happy they are done and we are moving on to the new year.  Hasn't it been flying by?

I am attending a knitting circle at a LYS with my friend, Sherry.  I picked their "Summer Flies" shawl in Rustic DK yarn. It's a nice knit and so squishy.

I love it.....but it's not a good project for all the gabbing going on (lots of counting).  So the shop had a sample of a sweet little neck wrap crocheted with motifs. I switched over to that for when I'm there.  I love making it and see another one in the future.  I'm using Lang's Mille Colori Lace and Sock yarn in three different luxurious, with just enough fuzz for that lovely "halo" effect.  My picture doesn't do the colors justice, they are vivid and beautiful!
Some time this year I'd like to spruce up my bedroom.  Maybe a paint job and new window treatment.  I have an antique fan-back chair from my mom next to the bed, so this little pillow will find a home there.  All I've left to do is make the inner pillow and crochet a ruffle around the edge. 
I think I might add some little buttons to the flower centers, too.  What do you think?

I'm off now to hopefully finish up a little baby gift I started several weeks ago.  Blue and white plaid polar fleece jacket and matching blanket or overalls, I haven't decided. 

Have a nice week, and if you're in the midwest like me, stay warm. Weatherman is saying very cold Monday and Tuesday!