Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Little Birdie Told Me.....And A Confession

The other day, in near 100 degree heat,
I was getting reading to head home from a trip
to the store.

As soon as I closed the car door,
this little sweetie landed on my windshield wiper.
He sat there and talked and talked and talked.
I wondered if he was trying to tell me something.
I love birds, so I didn't hurry to leave....and honestly,
I was contented to just sit alone for a minute and watch him.

His chatter was delightful and almost non-stop.
He looked like a baby, and I began to wonder
if he was lost or hurt.

After (no exaggeration here) about 10 minutes,
I really had to get going. I thought once I moved the
car he'd fly away. Well, I slowly backed out of my space,
then headed forward to leave.......and still he
sat there. I asked an elderly man if he could gently
get him off. He did.......and the little guy
flew to the back windshield wiper!

Finally, the man was able to coax the
little bird off the car.
Some story, huh?
All true.......
I wanted to take a moment to thank
all of you who leave such encouraging comments
about taking care of my mom.
To tell you the truth,
I am not always patient enough with my mom.
The physical work of taking care of her
never gets me down. I really don't mind it!
The thing that is so hard on me is
the being tied down.
Believe me, this is why I pray for patience
every day.
Somehow, I just felt the need to
let you all know that.

"And we urge you, brothers, warn those who are idle,
encourage the timid, help the weak, be patient with everyone."

1Thessalonians 5:14

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Liberty is not a means to a higher political end....
it is itself the highest political end."

~Lord Acton
I can't believe it's already July!!
So far, this year is flying by for me.
Independence Day is one of my favorite
days to celebrate.....we are so blessed to
be living in America.

Life continues at the 'Acre.
My mom's physical health is still stable,
but the dementia increases some each week.
So, here's some highlights from the 'Acre....

My friend Sherry made this lovely garden art for me.

Originally Sherry made it with a pole to
anchor in the ground for the garden. I thought it too pretty for
outside, so she made it "table art" instead.
I LOVE it!!!

There's been some good times in the sewing room with
my girl lately. I was her right-hand man as she stitched up
some pj's made from a vintage pattern and a thrifted bed sheet.
They came out adorable!
I did a little fun sewing for me....
The pattern for this clothespin bag can be found in Mandy Shaw's
"Quilt Yourself Gorgeous."

A stop at the dollar store was fun....I found these buttons.
Two of the packs have 10 buttons in them!
My favorites are the bigger white ones, they
are real pretty. I didn't need to add to my button
collection, but finding these is sure inexpensive therapy!

There are finally a few flowers around here.
Lack of time and being down in the dumps
almost meant no flowers this year.

Just a few makes such a difference.....

That's the latest.....
So, as we look forward to July 4th,
my prayers will continue
for our country and her leaders.
My hope for everyone else is a safe
and Happy Independence Day!
May we always enjoy our freedom.

Prayer List receive good news
Cheryl and Mike.......wisdom
Karen........God's healing hand