Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh, Canada

Greetings from windy Canada. We are near Lake Ontario, and it is a brisk wind, indeed. My first day here was spent.....relaxing! Woohoo, it was nice. In between some reading, and even a nap, I started some mindless projects.

A "textured" dishcloth....pattern from the ball band of Peaches'nCream cotton yarn. I love the colors, and the pattern is just interesting enough.

Next up, I brought some sweet floral scraps found many moons ago at a now-closed quilt shop. The yo-yos will make up a pillow for Mom's room...what do you think....round or square? I plan to use ball fringe trim in a pretty pink or cream color.

All's quiet at least that's what they're telling me. My mom sounds good and is enjoying helping take care of Pumpkin. She is turning out to be a good little puppy...she is potty trained (goes to the door and barks), can sit and lay down on command, and is pretty close to being able to "stay." In case you forgot how cute she's a Pumpkin picture.

Pumpkin enjoying a pilfered sock.....who left their socks on the floor....wait a minute, that looks like mine.

I plan to visit a local fabric store or two tomorrow....I have lots of stuff at home waiting for me, so I'll shop with care and discretion. I'll be ready to get back home....I'm not much of traveler. Until then, hope you are all blessed with peace and a good project for your mind and soul.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthdays

Way back on March 10, my mom celebrated her 89th birthday!

It was a fun but tiring day for her. Emily, Glen and I took her to dinner. Timothy had class and couldn't miss. He made it for cake and presents, though.

My mom is perking along. We have taken her back to her house for a couple of "visits," but she is always ready to come back here to her little room.

We are blessed to have celebrated another wonderful birthday with Mom.

Today is Glen's birthday. He'll spend the bulk of it taking apart my washer and attempting to change the bearings. This washing machine has been a lot of trouble...each time he repairs it he says, "next time we're just getting a new one." And every time he manages to fix it up for me. In so many ways, Glen is always there for me when I need him most. I love you, Honey. Happy happy birthday to the love of my life!!!

These last weeks have been especially busy for me. Things have settled and guess what? I am going on "vacation." You heard that right....I plan to travel with Glen next week when he goes out of town for business. It has been a difficult decision whether or not to go, but the kids are two big sweeties and have agreed to look after my mom.....Mom has agreed that she will be fine. We are crossing the border again and heading to Canada. Now the only question is.....what projects to pack?


Before I began posting today, I noticed this will be my 50th post. I sure miss my blog when I have an extended break, and thought surely I'd have posted more by now. The busyness of my days, however, reminds me to thank the good Lord for all that he provides me....especially the strength to carry out His plan for me.

Spring is slowing arriving to our corner of the world....I am looking forward to digging : )
I have a few ideas for our backyard this year....I'll share more on that next time. Until then, I hope you are looking forward to tomorrow, and enjoying every minute of today.

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that's the life in your years."
Abraham Lincoln

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Reality Is...

The reality of life is hard to see sometimes, especially when your head is down and you're dancing as fast as you can. Bear with me....this post won't be as ominous as it sounds.

It occurred to me today that I need to face the facts. Who better to share them with than you?

We have a new addition at our house. I have fought this for years. Finally, I just got tired of fighting...and so, meet Pumpkin.

This little girl is 3 months old and belongs, officially, to my daughter Emily. At 21, she made the decision to get a puppy....even though I tried to talk her out of it, what with Grandma here, me working, her school and work schedule, etc., but it was no use. My girl has wanted a dog literally since she could say "doggie." Those close to me know what a struggle this has been. The reality is that Pumpkin is here now. To her credit, she is a good pup and Emily takes wonderful care of her. My mom is sure getting a kick out of her, too.

Fact two is that, as hard as I try and as much as I talk about it, my beloved projects are on the back burner.....and may simmer there for some time. My life belongs to my loved ones for now, so I'll get to them when I get to them, and not a moment sooner. Saying that last bit seems to have lifted something from my shoulders....I'm not sure what, but I feel better all the same.

Fact three: I need to take better care of myself....a lamentation floating around my head for the last couple of years. I've heard it, read about it, and been told flat out...."if you don't take care of yourself first, you won't be in good enough shape to take care of anyone else." I understand it, believe it, and know I have to implement a program ASAP.

My hubby has returned from a week-long business trip, and boy-o-boy I'm glad he's home. After 25+ years of the goodbyes and welcome homes, I still miss him terribly. We have a busy weekend planned. I am actually looking forward to scrubbing my floor in the morning while my guys attend an auto show. Then it's some shopping and various sundries to fill in the hours. I'm hoping you are all looking forward to a nice weekend, filled with nothing but happy realities.

Pumpkin is a Bichon-Poo

"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." ~ Gene Hill