Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Good Day to Blog

Today is a good day to blog.

This guy (my youngest) is 22 years old. 
So, I got his cake done.
And while I was at it, I got busy and made chili for the freezer, 
along with some grilled chicken for salads this week, 
and, why not, a meatloaf for tomorrow.

It feels good to be in the kitchen today.
Even if we are dining out for the birthday celebration tonight :)
I do miss those little helpers I used to now I settle for an attentive audience :)

While I was working away, I let my mind wander as I so often do these days.
And this is what I have learned in the last several months.

  • I don't like working overtime.
  • No matter what....never put off til "right before bed" what you can get done earlier.  When bedtime comes, so does exhaustion.
  • I'm a gal that likes a straw...and today I'm out.  Putting them on the list.
  • I have turned into my mom about a lot of things, not least of which is making lists.
  • Cooking and cleaning can wait til tomorrow....when you have little children to rock (so says the popular poem).  But when those children are all grown up, it behooves you to keep up on the cleaning.
  • If you don't keep up the cleaning, you look around one day and become mortified. 
  • Mortification is not a good feeling.
  • Having said all that about the cleaning, it's good to pace yourself. I'm not the marathon cleaner I used to be.
  • There is nothing stronger than the power of prayer.
  • I don't like overtime.
  • Making baby-sized clothing provides instant gratification.  These baby hats were fun and fast, and the peach and lavendar will have matching sweaters.

  • And finally, I have learned that life goes on, no matter how sad, lonely, stressed, worried, or tired you are.  So you may as well say your prayers, have a cup of tea and make the best of every day.  
  • And don't work so much overtime.

Friday, July 29, 2011

North By Northeast

A week's vacation and the need to escape the 100+ degree heat...two
good reasons to head north and then back northeast in our great state of Michigan.

Glen and I are back from a few days of R & R in Petoskey, one of the prettiest places in Michigan.  Even though we have both lived here all our lives, neither of us has been.  So....why not?

First stop....the beach!

The cooler temps and lovely scenery were a dream come true.
There was a waterfall to enjoy.....

And a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan.

We also made stops in Gaylord (who knew it was such a sweet town?), which boasts a fabulous Ben Franklin Crafts, super cute quilt shop, and a knit shop with the friendliest owner this side of the Mississippi!

A couple of weeks ago, we ventured out early one Saturday morning to a local county fair.
There were dogs....patiently waiting their turn in the "ring" for the 4H youth obedience trial.

 This little corgi is paying attention to his handler.
 The little sheltie seen here was a beauty.
A new baby lamb had my attention, along with....
 ....this day-old calf, and......
some baby ducks....tooooo sweet!
 Hubby was thrilled to check out this steam-powered tractor from yesteryear.
It was a nice morning.  By the way, did you know there is such a thing as a "deep fried Snickers bar?" That just sounds gross, even for a sweetaholic like me.

My needles have not been idle the last weeks.  New socks have been started.....
 ...first time I'm using Koigu yarn.  I'm loving it!
And I made some new pillowcases with a quick crochet trim.
From the "sad news" department: Glen's sister, Theresa, passed away early in June. She had lymphoma, but we weren't expecting to lose her.  And then in late June, my beloved Auntie Frances quietly joined my mom...they were such close buddies their whole lives.

So, I guess that explains part of my absence from here.  The other reason is, I am now working FULL time these days.  I don't know how you gals do it that have kept a full-time schedule for years.  Doesn't it put such a cramp in your crafting extracurricular schedule?

Check out my girl's blog if you haven't stopped by in a while.
That gal's got flair!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trying to get "back in the saddle," here
at the Home Acre.

While I was away, needlework has been very therapeutic for me.
Pink booties for a baby shower....

 Black booties for my cousin Janet, who will gift them to a friend.

This sweet book will also go to the baby shower.  I just love
Peter and his friends. This is the movie for you if you're a 
Beatrix Potter fan, like me.
 Also while I was away, I tagged along with the hubby to Utah.
The mountains are so beautiful.
Brace yourselves, but I attempted to make a short snippet
video of our drive into Park City, Utah where the Sundance 
Film Festival is held. A videographer I am NOT.
The background music was from the unintentionally added to
my movie.  Or detracts from it, depending on your taste in music, I guess :)

Spring cannot come quickly enough for me. I can't wait to get outside.
There may be some other changes around the 'Acre......I'll keep you "posted."
In the meantime, I'm going back to work on my UFOs while watching this.
I'm positively hooked.