Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Little Bit

Since I don't have much in the way of news these days,
thought I'd touch on a several things just a little bit.
Hope to.....
* Make some new nightgowns
I have the fabric and an oldie but goodie pattern
* I found the cutest hat pattern at the last $.99 Joann sale
It's either too late or very early for this my timing is perfect!
I love the waffley texture of this dishcloth....more are in my future
This little doily began as a lark during a five-minute break
Little bit of progress......
* Cleaned out one flower bed and planted two
perennials (coral bells)
* Organized my still looks a mess
but it's an orderly mess (oxymoron)
* Purged my stationary supplies, cleaned out
the desk and sent two bags of stuff to my neighbor
And....I tried a new recipe. It's super easy...

You can find the recipe here, at Sandra's food blog.

This is the first time I've made this recipe,
although I've tasted it before.
I made one change and used graham crackers instead
of saltines. I like it both ways, but my family
LOVED it and said to use
grahams all the time!

Lastly, my thankfulness today
is for the hubby, once again.
Here's why.....
Every night he takes my mom her medicine.
And just about every night the conversation goes like this:

Glen: "Mom, I have your medicine."

Mom: "Oh, I already took my medicine, Glennie."

Glen: "No, not yet. Here it is."

Mom: "Did you ask Amy?"

Glen: "Yep, Amy said to give you this medicine."

Mom: "Oh, okay Glennie. Thank you."

Pure sweetness........:)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Follies

Not too many "follies" here at the 'Acre....just a lot
of the same stuff from day to day.
There have been a few exciting things, and
I think my friend, Susie, had a great idea after coming back
from a blog break.

Susie wrote a list of 100 things that
had kept her busy while she was away.

I can't come up with 100, so here's just a few, along
with some pictures.

1. Big project at work...when
I was done it was a major "WHEW"

2. Caring for Mom

3. Celebrating Mom's 90th birthday

My oldest brother & friend with Mom.

4. Trying to keep the laundry up......I enjoy
the process but not the piles :)

5. Working on organizing my house
and Mom's (going to take a while)

6. Fund raising at work....meaningful
but so time-consuming

7. Taxes (need I say more?)

8. Getting ready for my girl to
graduate from college (she's my hero)
9. Mom to doctor

Mom's first doctor visit as a 90-year-old.

10. Attending a few estate sales and vintage shows with Emily
(Mom is wearing a vest from one in above picture)

Those are the highlights, anyway. I really miss
this little place when I'm gone for so long.
I try to keep up with all of you....and I think of you so often!

Back to work for me. It's my "day off" today....with
a long list of at-home chores.....which I wouldn't trade for anything.

No matter where I "roam," my heart remains at home.