Friday, May 15, 2009

What I've Been Doing For Six Weeks....

My mom spent three months here at my place, went home for three weeks, and last Thursday went back into the hospital. Today we took her by ambulance to a very nice rehab facility, where she may spend almost three weeks trying to get stronger. I'll post quickly....then I'm headed back there to check on her.

While I was away......

I was dreaming of living here

Enjoyed my Blossoming Snow Crab tree

Made an apron and gift basket for the Heart Walk Fundraiser at work....which is modeled here by my sweet boy, Timothy.........the ultimate "good sport."

Whipped up a little (14") doily for my boss in honor of "Nurse's Week." She liked it so well that she framed it and hung it in her office.

I enjoyed lunch with my friend Diane.....a too rare occurrence. After mentioning the sweet bundt pan she used to make me a "bananaberry" bread at said lunch, not a week later these two bundt pans were waiting for me when I came home from work. They are the loveliest gift I've received in many moons. I have used them several times already.....they are AWESOME!

I received the "Renee Award" from my sista Idalia, aka YaYa. Thank-you, Yaya, for the sweet thoughts....I'm sorry it took me so long to pick up and acknowledge this award. You are a good and thoughtful friend.

I have been happy to be noodling around with my handwork. I hope to get some updated pics and post them soon. Like always when I've been away, I've missed writing and sharing my thoughts. So much has happened here........I thought of sharing the details, but who has the energy? So...I'll let those days stay in the yesterday and for today just keep looking to tomorrow.

See You Soon!!!