Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Suffering Ends, The Pain Begins

My sweet little mom passed away Thanksgiving evening.

I will miss her so.........

At the doctor's on November 4th.

I love you, Mom.

Sweet Sweet Valentine

My hubby is kind, soft-spoken, supportive,
sweet and affectionate.
But, like lots of men, he doesn't like to shop, and can
be a little, well, you know, dense
when it comes to picking out gifts.

However, there have been a few
surprises lo these many years.

About twenty years ago, when Glen traveled
all the time for work, he had to be gone
on Valentine's Day. I had recently
lost a favorite pen that I had for years.
So, hubby surprised me with a new, lovely pen.
It is one of the sweetest memories I have of Valentine's Day.

During those long years of work travel,
the hubby became quite inventive.
Here's a beautiful music box he made
for his hotel room late at night.
We had a good laugh wondering what the other
guests thought was going on when they heard the power tools singing.
Hearts are my all-time favorite shape for just about anything,
but especially jewelry. The heart locket on the left
was a birthday gift from my mom.
The ruby red on the right was a little treat
Emily and I found at a vintage and antiques show last year.

I've been enjoying some embroidery
lately....sweet napkins for spring.
Once this part is done, I plan to crochet
a pretty lace edging....I can
hardly wait!

We haven't planned anything too romantic for Valentine's Day....but you never know.
Romance can happen in the most unusual places when you are with your soulmate.

May you find a moment of peace.....
A bundle of happiness.....and
A little romance this Valentine's Day.

"...the reason my heart's beating is for you......and you alone"
~Vince Gill~