Sunday, July 22, 2012

Creamy Goodness

Seems like I've been surrounded by creamy-colored items lately.

I have never been much for shopping, if you don't include fabric, yarn and the like, and certainly never been much for shopping online, day not long ago I was noodling around on here and drifted over to Etsy.  One thing led to another and I placed, ummm, a couple orders.

The first treasure I found was this vintage Lou Taylor clutch with the tag still on.  It's just lovely.  Do any of you remember Lou Taylor bags?  Each one came with a mirror in it.  They were popular in the 70's and I think early 80's.  Really nice quality.

 The second find on Etsy was this little handmade purse.  And when I say handmade, I mean she stitched everything by hand.  It's just the sweetest thing.....also excellent quality.

A friend at work is a grandma for the first's a girl!  I found the pattern in this book.  I used yarn and buttons from the stash. 

 This was an easy pattern that went quickly.  There are several other items in the book I think I'll try.  I still haven't sewn the tops I cut out.....but I'm making progress in the sewing room.  Do you ever look back on craft projects you got a long time ago and realize that those things don't interest you at all today?  Anything that I come across that I know doesn't appeal to me anymore is going out.  Sometimes it's hard to "make the break," but the more I do the better it feels.

Hope you have a great week :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Well, I'm finally knee deep in my clutter removal project.  While going through some things in the sewing room, I came across these slippers that I started many moons ago for my friend, Diane.  They were done except for the I took a minute and sewed them up.  I had some leftover sock yarn and whipped up a couple little doodads and there you have it.....all ready for Christmas.

 I made the second pair of booties out of felled wool and shrunk the pattern to 75%.  I like this pair very much and if I make any more, I will use the smaller pattern and wool vs. fleece.
This little sweetie wedged herself on the edge of the couch when I sat down to sew....good thing she didn't fall off :)
 Here's a picture of my foxgloves for Sherry.  She's getting a clump next spring.

I'm making headway on the sadness and every day gets better at work.  Hopefully I will soon be able to work only three days a week vs. leaving the job altogether.  More news to follow.....

I have two tops cut out for myself and hope to get them made up in the next couple of weeks.  I also have begun the heel flap on my second blue sock (they have been on the needles TOO long), and I can't wait to say they are DONE!   In between, I'm going to keep plugging away on cleaning out my house and my mom's for the huge garage sale I plan to have in the fall. 

I hope you have a safe and happy Independence Day.  We are heading to a Tiger's baseball game this evening, complete with fireworks afterward.   I haven't been to Comerica Park in a long this is exciting for me.  If you pray, remember to thank our Heavenly Father for this beautiful country we live in and the freedom we enjoy.