Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Last Surprise

Have you heard of Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Baby Surprise Jacket?"  I found a crochet version in a pattern book recently and gave it a whirl.  The gift stash is sadly lacking for a baby boy, so..............

 The pattern for these sweet booties is from Purlbee and can be found here.  I really enjoy embroidery, so I continued the blanket stitch around all the edges and added the little flowers.  These were such a quick project! I used fleece, but I have some lovely wool that I think I will try next.  Stay tuned.

 I was so impressed with Sandra's African Flower motifs, that I made a few of my own.  When I looked up the pattern online, the fourth color was added (green in mine).  I think I like the look of Sandra's and am going to try the next few with only the off-white and two colors. 

 So, how are you doing? I say it every time, but when I'm away from my little blog I really miss it! I'm having a terrible time adjusting to my routine, which only partly explains my long absence.  I guess I miss being a full-time homemaker more than I thought I would.  At work I have a few moments here and there to daydream about what I'll accomplish when I'm home, and once I'm home I don't know where to begin.  Sheesh!  How do you gals that work full-time but are a homemaker at heart manage?  All advice is welcome!!
Until we meet again........may the Good Lord bless you :)