Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 25, 2012

 I was all set to write an upbeat post about these socks, finally finished after years, and I do mean years, on the needles....but I just don't have it in me.  You see, today is two years since my mom died, and even though I've never been one to mark these kinds of anniversaries, it's getting to me.  So many memories have been swimming around my heart and is bittersweet to think of them all.
The four-day weekend has flown by, and I'm looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow (there's a new one). Ask me again on say, Wednesday, how I feel :) 

There were a lot of starts and stops this weekend, including Christmas decorating, cleaning, shopping and some house hunting (nothing concrete yet, just starting to look around).

Another pair of socks was this time. I also just ordered new yarn to start another sweater for my son.  Another sweater because I got all done with the back of the first one and discovered I didn't have enough yarn for the whole sweater.  I'm still so perplexed by this......if you knew me, you'd know that I can be counted on to buy enough yarn.  Somehow I either goofed up with the total purchased or hid it so well that I can't find it (also unlike me).  So, I bucked up and ordered a light gray (the first one was charcoal), and will cast on for it soon.  I had hoped to have it done for him this winter, but that seems like a real pipe dream at this point......he's a 42 tall. Yikes.

To end this choppy little post, I will share a short memory of my mom.  Mom was an accomplished needlewoman, making beautiful crocheted, knitted, embroidered and sewn items. She always had a project (or two or three) going.  One day not long after I was married, Mom was at my house and I was showing her something I was working on.  I could see how delighted she was that I, too, loved to stitch.  Mom told me, "Amy, as long as you have your needlework, you will never feel alone." I think she was right, except maybe for I feel terribly alone.  I miss you, Mom.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Life For An Old Blanket


When I was a little girl, this wool blanket was a fixture in our home.  My mom got it some time in the 40's, I think, on one of her many trips to Port Albert in Canada.  The label says "Strathroy Woolen Mills, Ontario Canada."

Her grandma had a sweet little farm there.  I found it while cleaning out Mom's house and discovered that the blanket stitching was coming apart in several places.  The original thread/yarn was very soft and I had a hard time finding something similar.  I settled on size 10 bedspread cotton.  At first I was going to do a blanket stitch by hand, but realized crocheting it matched the original stitching and was much easier than carrying that long thread by hand.  I'm happy with the results.....the blanket still looks good for being so old and loved.

After the repair job.

I made another baby sweater, using a slightly different pattern. I like how the flower turned out : )

We had the garage sale at my mom's in early October.  It was bittersweet.....and a big weight off my shoulders.  Hard to see her home so empty, but I couldn't keep everything.  I have many plastic containers of treasures and so many wonderful memories.  That will have to do for now.  Next is getting the inside spruced up a bit over the winter, planting a few new bushes in the spring and getting it up for sale.  That will mark the end of this journey for me.  As usual, I will keep you posted.

I always say I'm not going to stay away so long....but then well, you know.  So this time I'm not saying it.....just hoping to be here again SOON.
Have a happy week!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Love

At the last minute, I decided to make a little outfit to go along with the yellow sweater for my new grandma friend at work.

There were little pants to match but didn't get a picture.
It seems like I have been on a real baby clothes kick lately, and I still have a few more in mind.
They sure are fun projects.

We are having a rainy day....good thing too, we really needed it.
 I've got a case of the blahs. So, I think I'll get busy and find somewhere to go because I'd rather be out in the rain than watching from inside.  Maybe I'll feel better.

God bless you today.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Creamy Goodness

Seems like I've been surrounded by creamy-colored items lately.

I have never been much for shopping, if you don't include fabric, yarn and the like, and certainly never been much for shopping online, day not long ago I was noodling around on here and drifted over to Etsy.  One thing led to another and I placed, ummm, a couple orders.

The first treasure I found was this vintage Lou Taylor clutch with the tag still on.  It's just lovely.  Do any of you remember Lou Taylor bags?  Each one came with a mirror in it.  They were popular in the 70's and I think early 80's.  Really nice quality.

 The second find on Etsy was this little handmade purse.  And when I say handmade, I mean she stitched everything by hand.  It's just the sweetest thing.....also excellent quality.

A friend at work is a grandma for the first's a girl!  I found the pattern in this book.  I used yarn and buttons from the stash. 

 This was an easy pattern that went quickly.  There are several other items in the book I think I'll try.  I still haven't sewn the tops I cut out.....but I'm making progress in the sewing room.  Do you ever look back on craft projects you got a long time ago and realize that those things don't interest you at all today?  Anything that I come across that I know doesn't appeal to me anymore is going out.  Sometimes it's hard to "make the break," but the more I do the better it feels.

Hope you have a great week :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Well, I'm finally knee deep in my clutter removal project.  While going through some things in the sewing room, I came across these slippers that I started many moons ago for my friend, Diane.  They were done except for the I took a minute and sewed them up.  I had some leftover sock yarn and whipped up a couple little doodads and there you have it.....all ready for Christmas.

 I made the second pair of booties out of felled wool and shrunk the pattern to 75%.  I like this pair very much and if I make any more, I will use the smaller pattern and wool vs. fleece.
This little sweetie wedged herself on the edge of the couch when I sat down to sew....good thing she didn't fall off :)
 Here's a picture of my foxgloves for Sherry.  She's getting a clump next spring.

I'm making headway on the sadness and every day gets better at work.  Hopefully I will soon be able to work only three days a week vs. leaving the job altogether.  More news to follow.....

I have two tops cut out for myself and hope to get them made up in the next couple of weeks.  I also have begun the heel flap on my second blue sock (they have been on the needles TOO long), and I can't wait to say they are DONE!   In between, I'm going to keep plugging away on cleaning out my house and my mom's for the huge garage sale I plan to have in the fall. 

I hope you have a safe and happy Independence Day.  We are heading to a Tiger's baseball game this evening, complete with fireworks afterward.   I haven't been to Comerica Park in a long this is exciting for me.  If you pray, remember to thank our Heavenly Father for this beautiful country we live in and the freedom we enjoy. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Last Surprise

Have you heard of Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Baby Surprise Jacket?"  I found a crochet version in a pattern book recently and gave it a whirl.  The gift stash is sadly lacking for a baby boy, so..............

 The pattern for these sweet booties is from Purlbee and can be found here.  I really enjoy embroidery, so I continued the blanket stitch around all the edges and added the little flowers.  These were such a quick project! I used fleece, but I have some lovely wool that I think I will try next.  Stay tuned.

 I was so impressed with Sandra's African Flower motifs, that I made a few of my own.  When I looked up the pattern online, the fourth color was added (green in mine).  I think I like the look of Sandra's and am going to try the next few with only the off-white and two colors. 

 So, how are you doing? I say it every time, but when I'm away from my little blog I really miss it! I'm having a terrible time adjusting to my routine, which only partly explains my long absence.  I guess I miss being a full-time homemaker more than I thought I would.  At work I have a few moments here and there to daydream about what I'll accomplish when I'm home, and once I'm home I don't know where to begin.  Sheesh!  How do you gals that work full-time but are a homemaker at heart manage?  All advice is welcome!!
Until we meet again........may the Good Lord bless you :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

No Wheat For Me

Today has been a good day.
A lot of little jobs were accomplished....
Cleaned my desk.....
Finished the laundry......
And baked these "flourless" peanut butter cookies.

Having a wheat allergy can be a drag....
until you come across a good recipe like these cookies, which are light and delicious!

Peanut Butter Cookies
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 beaten egg

Mix well.  Roll into balls and then roll in sugar.  Bake at 350 for about 9-10 mins.
If you have a taste for chocolate like I did today, press a chocolate kiss into the center of
each cookie when they come out of the oven.
Enjoy and have a peaceful week!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Surprise Number Two

As I said in my last post, it has been a year of surprises so far.
On Tuesday, January 17, I was at work as usual. At 9:30 a.m.
 we received word that the hospital where I work is closing March 31st.
I am being transferred to another hospital in our system, to a job with different hours and responsibilities.
Ever the optimist (trying to be), I am hoping all will be well.
As always, I will keep you posted.

On a happier note, I am beginning to get back to my old self.  
The last year I have felt numb, but these days I am back to 
enjoying my sewing machine, knitting needles and crochet hook :)
Made two cute bibs for the gift stash out of a Kwik Sew pattern.

Finally finished a blue "matinee jacket" for myself.
This was a quick and fun crochet project-a free pattern from Lionbrand.
I might start another one in a lighter color.

I added the fun fur/novelty yarn was a little boring without it.
Instead of a button I sewed on little snaps and added the crocheted flower.

More projects to come :0)
I'm happy to be home taking a couple vacation days today and tomorrow.
And tomorrow, the hubby is taking one too!  Woo Hoo!  It's been a while since we both played hooky.
A trip to Henry Ford Museum and dinner out with brother and sis-in-law is planned.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Surprising Year So Far

It has been a surprising year so far here at my little Home Acre.

Just after Christmas I celebrated a milestone birthday......50!!
Just before Christmas, this gal, sweet Sherry, and this gal,
my sweet daughter Emily, collaborated to throw the best darn surprise party you
ever did see!! And I was truly surprised.  I usually really DON'T have a clue :)

Truly surprised!
***Sorry for the blurry pics.***

Fabulous and delicious food.  Sherry is an excellent cook!

I have the most wonderful group of friends a gal could ask for.  I received so many lovely gifts.
The best gift of the evening was the touching and heartfelt toast that Sherry made.
I am truly blessed.

The second best gift of the evening......
A handmade book (by Sherry, of course), that held beautiful
sentiments from everyone that attended the party (and one or two that didn't).
I will never be able to adequately thank....
*  Sherry for all the work she put into my party....
*  Emily for helping during such a busy time with her school and work schedule....
*  Or all my wonderful pals for the love and good wishes.

 "I awoke with devout thanksgiving for my friends."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson