Sunday, February 24, 2013

Busy Hands and A Patient Man

Yesterday we were out and about running errands, one of which included a yarn shop stop (say it three times fast!).  Bridget, the owner, who is a lovely gal, was helping me choose some buttons.  Before you know it we got to gabbing (I've been known to gab), and I was in there longer than I planned.  I was telling her about my crochet motif wrap, and decided to duck out to the car and fetch it. I think the hubby got his hopes up that I was all set, but had to wait another several minutes. He's one patient guy :)

My hands have not been idle.......I've been finishing up some things around here....and it is delightful! I enjoy the whole process but the best part may be the "putting away" when I finally get all done.  I love the feeling of accomplishment, not to mention the (very) small dent it makes in the stash.

 Here's the little plaid jacket I made for a friend at work (1st grandchild). No time for pants/blankie but she loved it all the same.

 I started this little bonnet many years just needed the ties added.  Much cuter in person.
 It has a little band under the ruffle to keep baby's head warm :)
 Little capris and "swing top" to match the sweater below.
I have one more of these sweaters planned (in pink), and then I'm moving on to a new pattern.  This is such an easy project to crochet......I've been "hooked" hahaha.
And I finished my little accent pillow.....all made with scrap yarn.  I just love it.....and I'm glad I added the open ruffle.

We still have lots of white stuff on the ground around here and it was purty cold last week! I haven't heard what's in store for this week yet.....I hope lots of SUNshine!

Have a safe, happy and healthy day :)


Anonymous said...

Amy, I'm so glad that I thought to sign in to my google reader and get caught up on some of my blogs I follow. I think it has been 6 months. I love following your "finishing up projects". Pumpkins jacket is so cute. Hope all is well. XOXOX Jan

Thimbleanna said...

Oh my -- you've been a busy girl Amy! It's all so beautiful. I love that adorable little bonnet. And is that a crochet Easter Bunny on the little dress. Very cute! And good weather this week? Ha! Are you under the same winter storm watch we are???

Tracy Batchelder said...

You have been busy. All of your projects are adorable! I especially love the plaid jacket and the capri set, probably because sewing is not something I'm proficient at. Beautiful work!

Kris said...

Lovely things, but that granny square pillow is divine!!
xo Kris

Kerrie said...

Your finished projects are awesome, such beautiful work, inspiring!