Saturday, September 21, 2013

Seeing the Light

 New GE emergency lantern. Love it!

This summer has been busy for me.....just like all of you, I bet.  I've been working, doing a very teensy weensy bit of gardening, sewing, crocheting and knitting, but really feel like I've just been spinning my wheels.  Nothing (that I really wanted to get done) big has been accomplished. 

I'm hoping the change of seasons will inspire me to get a few things done that I've been wanting to, so that eventually I can see the light at the end of this long tunnel I've been in. Here's the short list of the most important (to me).

1.  Get company out to trim big trees, and maybe move a little one.
2.  New carpeting in the family room.
3.  Wallpaper removed in kitchen and dining, put up wainscot and PAINT.
4.  New washer and dryer.
5.  Get sewing room organized and GET A LOT OF STUFF OUT OF THERE.*

*I want to store my knitting needles better.....I'm never sure if I have what I'm looking for and then I don't want to take the time to go through them all.  I wind up picking up another set with a coupon. Any good ideas on needle storage?

In other sewing room news...........there's a new kid on the block.  One thing I did accomplish this summer.....get that new sewing machine I have been talking about.  She's a Janome Memory Craft 8200 and she's lovely.  I ordered a new sewing table for her and plan to sell my beloved cabinet...all in the interest of cleaning house.  I got the cabinet (used) when Timothy was in pre-school.  It has a motorized lift and did I feel rich when I brought it home!  It's been good to me and still is in excellent shape.  I hope it goes to someone that will love it like I have.

I'm still working on the baby stuff.  You wouldn't believe all the people having babies and grandbabies around here.  I vow to finish up all these little projects.....and take pictures when they are done.  So much of what I made this summer has been shipped out without pictures.

Hope to be back sooner than later :)


GlorV1 said...

Hi Amy. Good to see you. Sounds like you've got lots of good plans. Hope all is well and hope you are doing good.:)

Tracy Batchelder said...

Looks like mostly circular needles in your box. I keep my circulars in their original packaging and "file" them by size in a coupon organizer. You could also use a larger file organizer or maybe a binder with storage sleeves. For straight needles and DPNs, I have a couple of needle organizers that I purchased at a knitting shop.

Thimbleanna said...

It's so nice to see you back! Have you considered making a needle roll for your needles? I have the same problem -- I really need to organize my needles. Congratulations on the new machine -- looks like lots of fun. Oh, and did you know, now that you made your list public, you have to get it done LOL!