Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sheer Madness

Sunday...such a good day. It has been an interesting weekend around here. First of all, look what we got today.
Even though I was born and raised here in Michigan, the first snowfall always excites me and gets me thinking about the holidays and Christmas decorating.

No Christmas decorations yet, but I have been decorating. Last night I started the sheers for my mom's room. Since I moved my sewing machine into my bedroom, it was a tight squeeze working with 6 yards of sheer fabric.

So, I moved the whole operation out to my dining room table. The picture doesn't really show it, but there's lots more room to work there.

Today I was able to finish and hang the sheers. Now I remember why I'm not crazy about working with this delicate material. I'm glad that part is done : )
Please forgive the crooked picture....I still have to maintain some secrecy until the final unveiling...hopefully sometime this week.

I reconnected with my good friend, Jan, last month when she was in town for a visit. We met about 18 years ago at a meeting of the National Sewing Guild. Eventually a small group of us began to meet on our own each month. We have had so many good times. Sadly, Jan and her family moved to Las Vegas a year or two ago and she is so missed! Warm, funny, and a very talented seamstress, Jan was the glue that held us all together. Another friend from the group has mentioned a possible Christmas get together, though, so there's still hope for us yet. Be sure to check out Jan's new blog....she is just getting started.

Before I end this post, I want to continue my thanksgivings. They are...

...good friends to share laughs and sewing with I love my thimble first-floor laundry, which makes me happy every day strong husband, who is there for me always

...snow, snow, snow to remind me that seasons change

...songs that remind me that God never changes

This morning we sang "Amazing Grace" at church. This verse is a favorite, and one I will leave you with. When I read and sing these words, my worries seem to melt away.

Through many dangers, toils and snares

I have already come;

His grace has brought me safe thus far,

His grace will lead me home.


Kathryn said...

Amy, the sheers look great. Can't wait for the complete unveiling.
Snow, no snow where I live. Oh.. to have a white christmas...
Sometimes Amy, I only have to sit in Church to feel peace slowly envelop me.. I don't feel that kind of unburdening anywhere else.
With Smiles

YayaOrchid said...

The window treatment looks great, and I love the fabric! I can hardly wait to see it all finished.

Thanks for sharing those pictures of snow. It makes me feel so warm and cozy inside my home. :)

Tracy Batchelder said...

Now I know why you balked a little at sheers. I didn't realize you were going to sew them. I thought you'd buy them ready made and sew the curtains. Nice work!

The link for Jan's blog has an extra http// in it, so you probably want to fix that. I found my way over to her though and welcomed her to Blogland.

Susie Homemaker said...

Hi Amy...moving forward I see...great job on the sheers...pretty color! I can't wait to see it all done!

So happy you had time with your friend Jan...I will visit her blog today...

Wishing you a Marvelous Monday...


GlorV1 said...

Hi Amy. The sheers look very nice and I am sure your mom will be very pleased. I like the things you are thankful for and thx for sharing. Take care. Have a great day.

Margaret Cloud said...

I like the curtains anf the little cards with the children and snowman and the little cherub, nice post.

Susan said...

Amy, I love to read your thankful list.

The sheers do look great; I'm sure mom appreciates them :-)

My good friend and I will be experiencing the pain of separation when I move to Arizona soon. I'll go visit her blog.

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Great job on the sheers Amy!! This must be the month to be making drapery. I've been doing the same myself lately. I'm not finished and onto "thinking" about decorating for CHRISTmas!!



Essential Oil Premier University said...

Oh yes, I forgot to add. . . I did enjoy the first snow yesterday morning here in Michigan too. It was lovely this morning as well. I still like the first snow too. . . even at my age. But come the month of March GO AWAY SNOW. I'm so tired of the white stuff by then!!



Miri said...

Thanks for the snow pix. I love your vintage Snowman postcard-has me singing Frosty the Snowman in my head.

Thimbleanna said...

Hi Amy! That sheer fabric looks divine all bunched up on your table. Very cool hanging up too -- I can't wait to see the big reveal!

Oh, and yipee -- you got snow! I'm ready for it to snow here too!

tea time and roses said...
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tea time and roses said...

Hello Amy!

That was me who made the boo-boo above, so sorry.:o(

A lovely snowfall is perfect for getting one in the mood for Christmas decorating! What lovely fabric Amy, and sweet vintage cards too!