Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Little Bit

Since I don't have much in the way of news these days,
thought I'd touch on a several things just a little bit.
Hope to.....
* Make some new nightgowns
I have the fabric and an oldie but goodie pattern
* I found the cutest hat pattern at the last $.99 Joann sale
It's either too late or very early for this my timing is perfect!
I love the waffley texture of this dishcloth....more are in my future
This little doily began as a lark during a five-minute break
Little bit of progress......
* Cleaned out one flower bed and planted two
perennials (coral bells)
* Organized my still looks a mess
but it's an orderly mess (oxymoron)
* Purged my stationary supplies, cleaned out
the desk and sent two bags of stuff to my neighbor
And....I tried a new recipe. It's super easy...

You can find the recipe here, at Sandra's food blog.

This is the first time I've made this recipe,
although I've tasted it before.
I made one change and used graham crackers instead
of saltines. I like it both ways, but my family
LOVED it and said to use
grahams all the time!

Lastly, my thankfulness today
is for the hubby, once again.
Here's why.....
Every night he takes my mom her medicine.
And just about every night the conversation goes like this:

Glen: "Mom, I have your medicine."

Mom: "Oh, I already took my medicine, Glennie."

Glen: "No, not yet. Here it is."

Mom: "Did you ask Amy?"

Glen: "Yep, Amy said to give you this medicine."

Mom: "Oh, okay Glennie. Thank you."

Pure sweetness........:)


Tracy Batchelder said...

I have a recipe like that one that calls for graham crackers--also chopped pecans on top. It's a staple cookie for us during the holidays. Yum! And so easy.

You may not realize this, but the love and care you and your husband are giving your mother is an encouragement to me. One day it will be my turn to care for my parents and the example you're setting will be helpful to me.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh man -- that recipe looks very dangerous! And I'd like to echo Wool Winder's comment -- you're setting a wonderful example for the rest of us.

Thank You.

GlorV1 said...

Hi Amy, you sweetheart you. Your bookcase looks so organized and you are getting on with life as you should. You know....I wish I could get my mom to come and stay with us, but she won't. She wants to stay in her own home and it makes it very hard for me to get over there. An hour and a half sometimes two hours with the commute and then I stay there for 3 nights or so. The rest of the time, my brothers daughters go over, but they don't stay the night. You are so good as is your husband, always caring for your mom. God bless you. Have a great week.

Gayle said...

Just makes you love them more when they are so good doesn't it? My husband is a great with my mom. He is picking her up at the airport today on his way home, she went to visit my brother. You know I think it not only takes a village to raise a child, but to take care of an elderly family member. Well, maybe the whole family! Thanks for your prayers Amy!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Amy!

The photo of your husband and mom is the sweetest!:o) Love your pretty dish cloth too. Don't you just love knitting, so relaxing.

Your and your family enjoy a beautiful weekend.



M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks so much for visiting recently. I looooved this sweet story (with photo) of your hubby and mom!!! The picture melted my heart. : )
Have a good weekend,
Mary Lou

Arlette said...

Amy, your hubby and mom are just precious. I have thought many times of your mom and have wondered how she was doing. I'm glad that she seems to be doing well.
You have been really busy organizing and crocheting. Fabulous! Your doily and dish cloth are just beautiful. Seeing them makes me want to pick up my needles again.