Saturday, January 17, 2009

Answered Prayers

Answered prayers sometimes escape me....or so I used to think. Early last year, a fervent prayer of mine was for patience. With a graduation approaching and my mom's health at a turning point, I needed a patient heart post-haste. The days turned to weeks and then months....and then the other day, after a *cough* very stressful day, I realized I was dealing with everything patiently. Alone in the car, I stopped right then and there and thanked God. My prayer had been answered, it just took me a little while to realize it.

As I've said before, I never was much for thrifting. Then along comes my daughter, Emily, who appreciates anything old and treasured. So, every now and then I accompany Emily on her treasure hunts. Last week we had good luck...

...a covered candy dish, cake stand and open candy dish, which I want to use for soap in my bathroom.
A few teacups to add to the collection...
...we found the saucer for this one at an estate sale a couple of months ago for ten cents. The cup was a "must have" for a dollar.
I love teacups with flowers...the little spoon is one from a whole slew that Emily collected as a little girl when we traveled, most found at Cracker Barrel.
And...the best find of the day...a Nikko cup and saucer with a matching bread and butter plate, all for $2.50. I am partial to the ivy design.
Em spied this little magazine table, so technically it's hers...but is staying cozy in my living room for now. Thanks for getting me interested in yet another way to spend money, Honey. I'm sure Daddy really appreciates it.
I didn't need to start another project, but I did. Timothy has asked for a sweater vest. I bought some yarn, and then came across this pattern in a book I've had for many moons. It is a 1930's pattern that calls for Patons Classic Wool. Guess what kind of yarn I had picked up?
I picked a charcoal color....and I'm looking forward to the cables. When I told Tim this is a slow knit, he said "that's ok, I'll have it for next winter, right?" My kinda guy...patient.
Not much news in these parts...I'm working every day next week and have several appointments scheduled for my mom the next. Before we know it, Valentines Day will be here! It's one of my favorite in which I tend to spoil all the women in my life. I have a couple of simple gift ideas, but can't show them until after the *heart* day.

We are in the midst of a deep freeze here, complete with below zero temperatures and more snow. I'm thankful for a warm home and plenty of work & play to keep me busy. I hope you are all finding peace and, once in a while, an answered prayer.

"I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had absolutely no other place to go."
~Abraham Lincoln


GlorV1 said...

Amy I think prayer is the answer to everything. I have been reading your blog for a while now and you always talk about your mom. You are a good daughter and your mother knows that, but most importantly God knows it. That comment made by Abraham Lincoln is so appropriate especially today since our President Elect is taking the same route he did on his inauguration. Don't ever think you have no place to go because you do and YOU always turn to God for comfort. Take care and enjoy your Saturday.

June Cleaver in Sneakers said...

Hi Amy,

Love your thrifting finds! That magazine rack is a keeper, for sure. Although, Sincerely Susie Homemaker would have that baby painted and distressed before you found the magazines to put in it!!

I haven't had the guts to make this yet, but I am going to. If you get to it first, let me know how it is. As if anything that is deep fried is anything but fantastic!

Thanks for your sweet comments. You will be in my prayers.

mrs. h

Tracy Batchelder said...

It's always fun to find treasures and even more fun when the price is a bargain.

Susan said...

Amy this is so true about prayer or I should say our perception of how God answers. I feel sometimes mine gets lost along the way but often the answer doesn't bop me on the head. But as soon as its realized I too always remember to thank Him.

I've tagged you for a picture meme, stop by and see.

Creations from my heart said...

What great finds you got. I enjoyed the post! Blessings...

tea time and roses said...

Hello Amy!

God does indeed answer pray!:o) I am rejoicing with you my friend!

Look at all these pretty finds! I too love teacups with flowers especially roses. Enjoy all your treasures and have a lovely day!




Hi Amy,
I should have come over a long time ago and Thanked you for the bookmark you made and gave to me when Emily and I had the Christmas swap. I LOVE frogs and somehow you knew that??!! as that is on the bookmark.
Love your bargins and I'll be back to visit you more often.
Have a good's terrible COLD today and we are staying INSIDE.

Susan said...

Good afternoon Amy. Thanks for the basket block love. I am trying to keep warm but it is getting hard to go out to run errands or do anything. Have a blessed day.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow, look at all those wonderful goodies! I love the vest you'll be making hubby -- cables are my favorites and I can't wait to see how it turns out!