Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Liberty is not a means to a higher political end....
it is itself the highest political end."

~Lord Acton
I can't believe it's already July!!
So far, this year is flying by for me.
Independence Day is one of my favorite
days to celebrate.....we are so blessed to
be living in America.

Life continues at the 'Acre.
My mom's physical health is still stable,
but the dementia increases some each week.
So, here's some highlights from the 'Acre....

My friend Sherry made this lovely garden art for me.

Originally Sherry made it with a pole to
anchor in the ground for the garden. I thought it too pretty for
outside, so she made it "table art" instead.
I LOVE it!!!

There's been some good times in the sewing room with
my girl lately. I was her right-hand man as she stitched up
some pj's made from a vintage pattern and a thrifted bed sheet.
They came out adorable!
I did a little fun sewing for me....
The pattern for this clothespin bag can be found in Mandy Shaw's
"Quilt Yourself Gorgeous."

A stop at the dollar store was fun....I found these buttons.
Two of the packs have 10 buttons in them!
My favorites are the bigger white ones, they
are real pretty. I didn't need to add to my button
collection, but finding these is sure inexpensive therapy!

There are finally a few flowers around here.
Lack of time and being down in the dumps
almost meant no flowers this year.

Just a few makes such a difference.....

That's the latest.....
So, as we look forward to July 4th,
my prayers will continue
for our country and her leaders.
My hope for everyone else is a safe
and Happy Independence Day!
May we always enjoy our freedom.

Prayer List receive good news
Cheryl and Mike.......wisdom
Karen........God's healing hand


Susan said...

Good Morning, Amy. What an adorable model in those cute pj's...cute fabric. It is nice to see your hanging baskets so full and nice. I have tried 2 different flowers in mine but they cannot take the 110* heat. I have moss rose in them now and they are so pale they need a transfusion.

Enjoy the 4th, it is one of my favorites too.

Emily said...

Hi Mom! Thanks for all the help with the pjs. I love them!

Wool Winder said...

Hope you have a happy 4th!

Gloria said...

Hi Amy. I love that clothes pin bag, it is awesome. I may just look for that pattern at the link you supplied. Happy Fourth and I'm glad your mom is still doing good. Take care. Beautiful flowers too.:) Oh yeah, the pj's your daughter sewed came out great!

Lady Farmer said...

Hello Amy!
Thanks for the visit to They Sewing Room and for the sweet comment! Sewing the Baby Layette is great fun, but kinda like sewing doll clothes! My eyes strain and it is difficult for me to sew those tiny little seams!
My, my, you are a busy gal! Working, sewing, crocheting and gardening! And so sweet of you to be taking care of your dear mother!
Your daughter's pj's are so cute and so is the clothes pin bag! And I just love the begonias and petunias! Don't they just brighten your day?
I rarely go to the Dollar Store, but I have have to make a stop to see if ours has buttons! What a great find!
I'm working on the slip to go with the bonnet so hopefully I will be able to post about it in a day or so. Till then...

Susie Homemaker said...

Hi Sweetie!

L.O.V.E. the clothes pin bag!!!! Great color combo and that big red ric/rac is great!! Very vintage!!!

And I saw Emily in those jammies on her blog and was blown away! You two are very talented and she is just adorable...she looks so much like you!

Sorry the trail continues with your Mom...she is blessed to have you. You are doing a wonderful thing.

Have the best 4th of July ever!!!
We are having a few of the kids and Grands over for some family fun!!

Love you!!

Susie Homemaker said...

oops...*trial* :)

tea time and roses said...

Dear Amy,

The pj's are adorable! You sew such lovely pieces, just beautiful!

You and your family enjoy a fabulous 4th of July!!



Thimbleanna said...

Fantastic sewing bits Amy! Those PJs are adorable!