Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blessings Near and Far

"Christmas angels to and fro, bent on deeds of kindness go."

Today when I came home, there was a surprise waiting for me. My friend Kathryn sent a lovely care package for me, all the way from Australia.
Kathryn, your kindness was just the "pickmeup" I needed today.

Included in the parcel was a calendar with beautiful pictures of Australia, some biscuits called "TimTams".... not found around these parts.

Some lovely lace, and cotton and silk embroidery thread, hand-dyed by a "lady in the country." Also, the pattern I requested and can't wait to try. I really love everything...the thread colors are favorites. Thank you Kathryn for your are a blessing to me.

I found a picture for Mom's room, we were both delighted with it...a really good fit.

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas around here. I usually keep the same wreath on the fireplace during the holidays that I have there all the time, but this year I wanted to try something new. I still have to put up a slim tree next to the fireplace...I'm working slower than ever before.

Tonight was the first Advent service. Not many people, but so peaceful. I am blessed to have my church so close to home, which makes getting there midweek even easier.

I am also thankful for the blessings of... mom, and the quality time we spend with each other

....a warm coat, and I've been needing it...chilly here crock pot, good for busy days

....all the wonderful people I have met through blogging. Even though you all dwell far from me, it's so nice to have you close in heart....and on the computer screen : )

"Friends are kisses blown to us by angels."
~Author Unknown~


glorv1 said...

Amy how lucky you are to receive such wonderful goodies from your blogger friend. I'm working slow on decorations as well. I'll get there some day.:) Amy thanks for being such a nice person and sharing thoughts. I'm happy to know you. Take care and have a great day. I have to get ready for class now. bye bye.

YayaOrchid said...

What a sweet gesture from your friend! I read on another Aussie blog that those TimTams are very good. It's neat how blogging brings people from all corners of the earth together sharing. :)

I LOVE the picture in your Mom's room. It goes perfect with the decor, I think.
Glad you've got your Christmas decorating underway. I still haven't started! My bad!

the voice of melody said...

What a nice surprise it must have been to get her package, especially to see all the lovely things she sent you. How sweet of her!

Susan said...

I, too, am changing a few things I do each year for Christmas. Every year I say I want to do it all new, but it ends up being the same.

Kathryn said...

Amy, your very welcome. The Tim Tams are very popular here, hope you like them.
The picture for your Mum's room is a good fit.
Our Decorations are slowly starting to emerge. I must say, I do like the look of your wreath over the fireplace.
With Smiles

Wool Winder said...

Hand-dyed embroidery thread--I didn't even know people did that. How cool!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Amy!

What a lovely package and a very thoughtful friend. It is always so nice when something special arrives in the mail! You and your family have a fabulous weekend!



Susie Homemaker said...

It's so nice to get a sweet gift from a special friend...even nicer to have a speical are!

Your Mom's picture is really pretty. I am so happy things are going well Amy.

Love you too...