Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Life For An Old Blanket


When I was a little girl, this wool blanket was a fixture in our home.  My mom got it some time in the 40's, I think, on one of her many trips to Port Albert in Canada.  The label says "Strathroy Woolen Mills, Ontario Canada."

Her grandma had a sweet little farm there.  I found it while cleaning out Mom's house and discovered that the blanket stitching was coming apart in several places.  The original thread/yarn was very soft and I had a hard time finding something similar.  I settled on size 10 bedspread cotton.  At first I was going to do a blanket stitch by hand, but realized crocheting it matched the original stitching and was much easier than carrying that long thread by hand.  I'm happy with the results.....the blanket still looks good for being so old and loved.

After the repair job.

I made another baby sweater, using a slightly different pattern. I like how the flower turned out : )

We had the garage sale at my mom's in early October.  It was bittersweet.....and a big weight off my shoulders.  Hard to see her home so empty, but I couldn't keep everything.  I have many plastic containers of treasures and so many wonderful memories.  That will have to do for now.  Next is getting the inside spruced up a bit over the winter, planting a few new bushes in the spring and getting it up for sale.  That will mark the end of this journey for me.  As usual, I will keep you posted.

I always say I'm not going to stay away so long....but then well, you know.  So this time I'm not saying it.....just hoping to be here again SOON.
Have a happy week!


Wool Winder said...

The blanket looks like new and the sweater is so sweet!

Thimbleanna said...

So nice to see you pop in Amy. You've done a gorgeous job with that wool blanket -- it looks better than before. And the little sweater is just as sweet as can be. It sounds like you're on your way with your Mom's stuff -- I think getting started is the hardest part.